Cathy riso

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Custom-Created Vocal Exercise CDs Currently Available:

​These CDs vary in length and emphasis. For more specific descriptions, please contact me directly. Each CD is only $15. Contact me for shipping details.

  • General Female Vocal Exercises​
  • Extended Female Vocal Exercises I
  • Extended Female Vocal Exercises II
  • High Voice Female Vocalises
  • Female "Belt" Vocalises
  • Bridge/Mix Female Vocal Exercises
  • General Male Vocalises
  • Extended Male Vocal Exercises
  • Falsetto Male Vocalises
  • ​Baritone Male Vocalises
  • Tenor Male Vocalises
  • Bridge/Mis Male Vocalises
  • Travel CD for Females (To use when you are in your car, on a trip, on the way to an audition, really anywhere)
  • Travel CD for Males
  • Beginner Vocal Exercises (When you are learning to train your ear to hear pitch and are just beginning voice lessons)
  • Custom CDs created specifically for any given individual's voice (It is necessary for me to either meet with you once in person or over Facetime or Google Hangouts, so I can get a solid grasp of your vocal needs and goals)